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Our experts will help you secure the financing you need to grow your business without having to jump through the hoops set by the big banks.

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Faster Approval

Need a loan fast? We’re ditching the mountains of paperwork to help you get approved for your financing as quickly as possible.

Flexible Terms

With wider access to loan options, we’ll help you find the finance solution with terms that best suit your business needs.

100% independent

We help you think outside the box to secure a loan when the big banks won’t play ball. We work exclusively and independently with over +200 non-bank and private lenders.

Transparent Fees

We let you know precisely how much your loan will cost and the pricing structure, so there are no nasty surprises.

Expert Advice

Overwhelmed by all of the options out there? Our experienced team will walk you through everything to find your perfect solution.

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Your Tusted Expert for Specialised Lending Solutions

A nexus is what links two or more things together. In the world of finance, Nexus Advisory will be that link between you and the best private and non-bank lenders on the market.

Vehicle and Equipment Finance
Trade and Debtor Finance
Overdraft and Cash Flow Lending
Development and Construction Finance
Acquisition and Buyout Funding
ATO Debt Funding

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