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Tim Day

A-Plus Group

PROJECT: The civil excavation and haulage business required new excavators and trucks to secure new contracts for a new motorway
PROBLEM: The client was in the construction industry with liquidated damages as part of their contracts
SOLUTION: Specialist non-bank lender engaged, who funded invoices and approved a large equipment finance line

“As a leading player in the civil excavation and haulage industry, we’ve always prided ourselves on our ability to tackle challenging projects with efficiency and expertise. The opportunity to participate in the new motorway project was a game-changer for us. It also posed a significant challenge: securing the necessary heavy machinery, specifically new excavators and trucks, to meet the contract requirements.

Our industry is no stranger to tight schedules and the pressures of liquidated damages clauses in contracts. These factors add a layer of complexity to any financial decision, especially when it involves substantial investment in new equipment. This is where our partnership with Nexus Advisory became a pivotal point in our company’s growth story.

Understanding the unique pressures of the construction sector, Nexus Advisory stepped in to help. They delved deep into our business model, evaluating our existing contracts and forecasts of future projects.

This comprehensive analysis was not just about numbers but about understanding our vision, potential, and challenges.

Their tailored financial solutions enabled us to expand our fleet with state-of-the-art excavators and trucks, essential for our role in the motorway project. This expansion wasn’t just about meeting a contractual requirement; it was about elevating our capacity to undertake more significant, more challenging projects, thus propelling our business forward in a highly competitive market.

Today, we see these new additions to our fleet as machinery and symbols of our growth, resilience, and partnership with a broker who believed in our potential. We thank Nexus Advisory for their unwavering support. We look forward to more collaborations that drive our business towards new milestones.

The expertise and support provided by Nexus Advisory was instrumental in turning our business aspirations into reality. They have been more than a broker; they have been a critical partner in our journey of growth and success.”