Jake Paco


PROJECT: Fast-growing clothing brand needing $1.2m to fund production of their winter collection
PROBLEM: Funds would be sent overseas prior to stock getting shipped to Australia
SOLUTION: A specialist non-bank lender who understood the nature of the business. Nexus also engaged a CFO who assisted the client with detailed forecasts.

“As a rapidly growing clothing brand, we faced a significant challenge in funding the launch of our winter collection. The intricate nature of fashion production meant that these funds were needed upfront, primarily for overseas transactions, long before we could see any stock in our warehouse.

In this critical phase, we were navigating a complex financial landscape, hindered by traditional lending models that couldn’t accommodate our unique business needs. This is where Steve Mitchell from Nexus Advisory stepped in, proving to be the game-changer we desperately needed. He demonstrated a deep understanding of the sales cycles and the particulars of our business model with the approach of a strategic partner. Recognising the intricacies of our situation, Steve introduced us to a highly skilled CFO. This expert brought an invaluable asset – a detailed and robust financial forecast laying a clear path for the lender’s credit team.

This collaboration with Nexus Advisory and the strategic input from the CFO enabled us to secure the necessary funding without the usual constraints and hurdles. Their specialist non-bank lending solution was tailored perfectly to our needs, balancing risk with opportunity and ensuring that our financial commitments overseas were met confidently.

Thanks to Steve, our winter collection was a success and marked a milestone in our brand’s growth. We were able to fulfil our creative vision without compromising our financial stability. This successful launch has boosted our market presence and strengthened our confidence in future endeavours with the right financial partners by our side.

We sincerely thank Nexus for their trust, expertise, and tailored financial solutions. They were more than brokers; they were pivotal partners in our success story.”