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S. Zerafa

SNZ Projects

PROJECT: Developer needed funding for 20 Luxury Townhouses
PROBLEM: The client was declined by his major bank. The project had already been DA-approved and was shovel-ready. He would have had to sell if funding had not been secured.
SOLUTION: Nexus sourced a private lender to go to 70% Gross Realisation Value (GRV) for the project, almost unheard of in the private capital space

“As a property developer, I’ve always faced the daunting task of securing reliable and sufficient financing for my projects. My most ambitious venture yet was the development of 20 luxury townhouses, a project that required immense planning and significant financial backing. I was confident in the project’s potential. However, my funding application was declined by our bank, putting the entire project at risk.

That’s when I was introduced to Steve and Nexus Advisory. From our first meeting, I was impressed by Steve’s professionalism, market knowledge, and understanding of my unique situation. He listened carefully to my needs and proposed a private lending solution that was nothing short of a game-changer. With his expertise, I secured financing at 70% LVR, which was instrumental in bringing the site out of the ground.

Nexus Advisory went above and beyond, not just in securing the loan but also in guiding the finance process. The personalised service and commitment to my project’s success were evident in every interaction. I am deeply grateful for the support which saved my project.

Thanks to Nexus Advisory, the development was completed on time. It has since become a standout addition to the community.

This success would not have been possible without Nexus Advisory’s intervention.

I highly recommend Nexus Advisory to any developer seeking financing and a true partner in their ventures. Their ability to provide tailored solutions where traditional banks fall short is a testament to their expertise and commitment to their clients.”